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CBD oil: A possible cure for epilepsy?

The term epilepsy refers to a neurological condition which is usually accompanied by epileptic seizures. The intensity of these seizures can vary from as little as 1 minute to a condition where the body might even shake vigorously. During epilepsy, the body usually shakes unevenly which can lead to physical injury including bone fracture. At present, this condition is considered to be one among the most traumatic viral ailments which have troubled numerous individuals across the world. However, there is a possible cure for this condition, and this happens to be the CBD oil. This oil is produced from low in THC and high on CBD hemp which is not at all same as that of the typical medical marijuana ingredients. In fact, hemp consists of a very little amount of THC which makes the oil products non-psychoactive. In this article, we are going to discuss the topic – CBD oil: A possible cure for epilepsy?

Why is CBD oil used for treating epilepsy?

The term CBD comes from cannabidiol which is an ingredient present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Before we delve deeper into our topic mentioned before, it is essential to be acquainted with the science of using CBD oil for treating epilepsy.

CBD oil has some significant benefits when it comes to our health and it has been discovered by research that this oil actually binds to a particular system of ours referred to as “endocannabinoid system” which is responsible for our well-being in general. Studies have revealed that this above-mentioned system is essential for preventing and withstanding the conditions which are usually experienced by patients suffering from epilepsy. Our body is very much responsive to the changes which take place inside it, and the Endogenous cannabinoid or ECS system happens to be a part of our body which responds once CBD interacts with it. It was found in the 80s that ECS system helps to regulate the human body and, in fact, our appetite, mood, emotion as well as pain are controlled by this ECS only. Once there is a change in our system, our body simplifies it to its standard level thus helping to keep the entire system in normal conditions.

Obviously, proper support is required by the Endocannabinoid system for controlling the system of our body so as to keep it on the highest level such that it performs always at its best. However, the majority of the individuals tend to neglect this particular aspect at present.

There is no denying of the fact that the majority of the studies conducted so far to figure out the role played by CBD oil for treating epilepsy has been done on animals mainly, and not human beings. Although almost all the outcomes have shown positive results, and have indicated the permanent treatment of the condition through the use of this oil, there are still some obstacles to overcome before asserting that CBD oil is really an effective solution for curing epilepsy. It will be interesting to note that small kids have been found to be struggling with this disease in most cases.

CBD oil is used for curing epilepsy mainly because of its ability to reduce the intensity of the condition. Also, no significant side effects have been recorded so far while treating this ailment. The biocompatibility characteristic of the oil must also be taken into consideration. In case it is able to clear all the clinical tests and turns out to be an essential ingredient for the permanent cure of the disease, it is expected to be extremely dependable when it comes to controlling and getting rid of the seizures. Besides all these, CBD oil is likewise quite inexpensive for the average individual to purchase as compared to the other available anti-epilepsy medications out there.

CBD epilepsy dosage

While a person is struggling with epilepsy, it is recommended to consume approximately 300 mg of the oil for a period of 4 to 5 months. However, this will depend largely on the advice of the medical practitioner. One must begin with the smallest amount while commencing this treatment and this will help you to become familiar with its effect on his body. In fact, the reaction of all the individuals to CBD oil will not be the same and therefore it is advisable to talk with an experienced doctor at first. However, an individual having a larger body will usually need to consume a higher amount of the oil unlike a person having a smaller stature.

THC and CBD happen to be the 2 most significant cannabinoids which are found in cannabis. Both of them have been found to interact with our endocannabinoid system although they produce different natural effects. Thus it is entirely up to you to go for CBD or THC epilepsy treatment in case you are suffering from this condition.