medical marijuana against epilepsy

Epilepsy and marijuana – How can it help?

Medicinal marijuana has now become widely accepted as a way of fighting against various ailments. However, a couple of years ago, medical practitioners did not know that medical marijuana has health benefits and can be used to treat a variety of diseases. Research and studies are still going on to prove that this form of treatment is effective and should be accepted all over the world. One disease that marijuana has greatly helped with is epilepsy. For patients who are resistant to epilepsy drugs, medical marijuana has proved to be very effective in reducing seizures and giving the patients a comfortable way of living. In this article, we will examine epilepsy and how medical marijuana has become a beneficial form of treatment for these patients.

A Brief Look at Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disorder that affects the central nervous system and is characterized by seizures and loss of consciousness. The seizures are caused by abnormal and intense electrical activities in the brain. Epilepsy may be caused by an infection in the brain, brain damage or a tumor, but the exact cause is not known. Environment factors and metabolic disturbances have also been blamed as a cause of this severe disorder.

There are various types of seizures depending on their severity, how they manifest themselves physically and how long they last. Small seizures may not cause damage to the brain, but strongly intensive seizures may result in a permanent brain damage. Some of the symptoms of epilepsy are severe convulsions, impaired speech, uncontrollable jerking, loss of consciousness, confusion, mood changes, losing muscle tone, dizziness and repetitive movements. Other than these symptoms epilepsy may also cause other problems and cause negative lifestyle changes. For people who work, this disorder can disrupt normal daily activities due to the potential occurrence of seizures at any time. It can even lead to major complications such as car accidents, broken bones and injuries due to falling, drowning, pregnancy complications for a pregnant mother, anxiety, depression and other psychological issues.

What are some of the medical treatments that have been used against epilepsy?

Once a person has been diagnosed with epilepsy, they search searching for treatments with the aim of controlling the symptoms or even eliminating this disorder for good. There are some people who get completely healed from epilepsy, but there are others who continue with epileptic treatments for long without experiencing major positive changes. Even if the symptoms are not severe, there is a need for treatment. Treatments may be challenging because each person may experience epilepsy in unique cases. However, anticonvulsants are used to control the symptoms. The need for an effective remedy against this disorder has lead researchers, medical practitioners and scientists to dive into marijuana, to see if it can be used as an effective form of treatment.

Medical Marijuana Against Epilepsy

Can marijuana help against epilepsy? After researchers came suggesting that marijuana can be used as an epilepsy treatment remedy, this was the burning question for most people. The answer to this question is Yes! Marijuana can be used as an effective and efficient remedy against epilepsy. Most patients have been subjected to marijuana treatment have come out clearly stating that it has offered great relief from epilepsy and its symptoms. For patients who are resistant to epilepsy treatment drugs, marijuana has also been greatly beneficial in controlling the seizures. CBD or cannabidiol is an element in marijuana that works with cannabinoid receptors in the body to reduce the seizures. Unlike THC (another element in marijuana) which has psychoactive effects, CBD is non-psychoactive and allows patients to use without the feeling of getting high.

Research On Epilepsy and Marijuana

Due to federal regulations and legal issues, using marijuana against epilepsy is a subject that has been of high interest to many researchers. A study was conducted to determine whether marijuana is an effective form of treatment. It was found out 37% of patients were found to have been helped by marijuana and 2% of them reported to be free from seizures completely. However, studies are still ongoing with the aim of making marijuana an accepted form of treatment for epilepsy treatment. But, according to past research and studies, marijuana has been beneficial to people suffering from epilepsy.

Does medical marijuana have any side effects? People have reported that they experienced diarrhea, increased appetite, fatigue and sleepiness, but these side effects are sometimes considered as positive. For epileptic patients faced with lack of sleep, marijuana can help. For those with lack of appetite, marijuana increases appetite. If you’re looking for relief against, epilepsy, either for you or your loved one, marijuana can help. Just talk to your doctor who will advise you further.